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Honeymoon Dessert

Honeymoon Dessert is a Hong Kong dessert chain known for its steamed sweet soups and mango-laden desserts like the trademark mango pillows.

Going on 25 years old, this go-to spot for Cantonese desserts started in Hong Kong and China and has grown to over 500 locations. The first Canadian location opened in Markham, followed by this second store on Brimley Road in Scarborough.

honeymoon dessert torontoCo-owners Matthew Lo and Sky Chen own both locations. Chen opened his first restaurant when he was 18 and has owned several since, while Lo brings his brain for business to the table.honeymoon dessert torontoBoth of them grew up eating Honeymoon Dessert. Lo, originally from Hong Kong, tried it for the first time when he was 12 and Chen enjoyed it for special occasions with his family while growing up in China.

Chen and Lo tell me fresh fruit is a key ingredient in Hong Kong dessert culture so mango pops up all over the menu here.

honeymoon dessert torontoOne of the signature desserts is the mango pillows (two pieces: $8.99). Although a few different spots sell these now, Honeymooon Dessert was the first to make these fluffy, mango-filled, crepe-wrapped cream pockets in 1995.

The "pillow cover," as it's called, is made of egg yolk and butter and cooked at a tender 150 degrees to achieve a smooth texture. Inside, vegan cream surrounds a chunk of fresh mango.

honeymoon dessert torontoThere are also durian pillows if you're a fan of the notoriously stinky fruit (two pieces: $10.99). They come wrapped in the same crepe-like cover and surrounded by cream.

honeymoon dessert torontoEach of the sweet soups on the menu is steamed, which is the traditional Hong Kong way, allowing for the flavours to fully mature over the course of hours. 

honeymoon dessert torontoThe mango pomelo and sago sweet soup with bean curd ($7.99) is one example. It's a fusion of two traditional desserts with bean curd tofu, a popular dessert in southern China, is added to the beloved Hong Kong sweet soup. 

honeymoon dessert torontoPlenty of the dessert options also feature grass jelly and handmade taro balls. One of my favourites on the menu is a bowl that combines both with ice cream in vanilla ice ($7.99). 

honeymoon dessert torontoWarm red bean and oatmeal join the combination of soft jelly, chewy taro and creamy ice cream, completing the array of flavours and textures. 

honeymoon dessert torontoAnother option is the black glutinous rice and mango in vanilla ice ($7.99) that comes with the black glutinous rice, a naturally sweet, dark rice that's more of a dark purple than black. 

honeymoon dessert torontoWhen it comes to the milk custard with osmanthus ($7.49), the sweet rice is fermented providing the slightest taste of alcohol. The osmanthus, a fragrant olive native to eastern Asia, brings added complexity to the custard.

honeymoon dessert torontoThere is also a selection of fresh fruit teas on the menu when it comes to refreshments. The kiwi green tea ($5.99) is a nice balance between sweet and tart. 

Honeymoon Dessert offers unique dessert options not usually found around the city, despite the city's ample selection of sweet spots. There seems to be a flavour here suited to everyone's tastes. 

honeymoon dessert toronto

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Honeymoon Dessert

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