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Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill

Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill is a long-standing go-to for AYCE dining. The prices start at $15.95 for weekday lunches and $24.95 for weekday dinners, with a $4 surcharge on weekends.

mongolian grill torontoThe spacious restaurant has both a Mongolian grill and a huge buffet spread. 

mongolian grill torontoThe grill is where you can fill your plate with a selection of raw meats and vegetables, then add your own seasoning and garnishes.

mongolian grill torontoYou then hand your bowl to one of the chefs who cook everything up on the spot (adding nothing but water) on a large circular grill.

mongolian grill torontoYou can do this as many times as you want (it's AYCE after all), so trying out different combinations is encouraged.

mongolian grill torontoFor those who need some guidance, the restaurant’s placemats feature helpful tips with seasoning suggestions.

mongolian grill torontoI load my bowl with lamb, udon noodles, and a combination of their spicy Kung Pao and sweet Korean dressing, before adding some sesame oil, chili oil, and minced garlic.

mongolian grill torontoThe buffet spread is sort of like Mandarin but better.

mongolian grill torontoEach dish is served in relatively small portions, with numbers indicating the time it was put out.

mongolian grill torontoThis ensures dishes are kept hot and fresh. Some of my favourites here are the bourbon chicken, general Tao chicken, and the lychee shrimp.

mongolian grill torontoI also love that the spread is dotted with many mini-stations. There's a surprisingly diverse dim sum section that serves delicious chicken shao mai and steamed veggie dumplings.

mongolian grill torontoThere's also a chocolate fondue fountain station with marshmallows, pineapples and a lot more for your dunking pleasure.

mongolian grill torontoDon't miss the DIY halo-halo where you create your own concoction using freshly shaved ice, flavoured syrups and condensed milk, along with toppings like jelly, sago, and leche flan. It feels satisfying to look at your mountain of halo-halo and say “I MADE that”.

mongolian grill toronto

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