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After picking up some of my favourite Iranian pastries from NASR Foods , all I need is a little protein to complete my Middle Eastern meal. Luckily, right at the end of the same plaza is one of the best two for one deals in town serving the best shawarma in town.

The four rotating skewers of glistening meat lining the side wall of Farhat Restaurant will attract any carniverous appetite. A few tables crammed into the space hardly fill-up throughout the day with the majority of the line-up taking orders to go or opting for some fresh air on the expansive patio.

Farhat Shawarma

Staring up at the menu for the first time may leave you with a surprise, the two for one deal rules the sign. Two shawarmas of any type cost $6.82 (inclusive of tax). It's far too tempting and in no time you'll start convincing yourself that the second shawarma will hold up fine a few hours later.


We get two shawarmas, lamb and chicken, with everything on it. The guys behind the counter swiftly move along the meats, shaving a good amount onto the bread and lining them up to be dressed. They're wrapped up and given some time in a hot press while we pay at the register.

Lightly wrapped with a fairly thin and crisp pita, the proportioning is perfect. Fresh but ordinary pickled vegetables and herbacious salad is evenly dispersed throughout and doused with garlic and tahina sauce that slowly seeps to the bottom. All the side components effectively complement the meats without overpowering their subtle spicing. The chicken is amazingly juicy, tender and flavourful and the lamb has a wondefully mild pungent gaminess. My favourite is the chicken and I ponder if I can put back two of them all on my own on another visit. It might take a little bit of effort but it would be well worth it.

Farhat Toronto

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