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Coconut Seasons

Coconut Seasons is a hot pot restaurant in Scarborough with a twist: its main offering is a soup base that uses a combination of coconut and chicken.

coconut seasons torontoThe restaurant is spacious with plenty of room between tables - always appreciated in an environment where things can get a little steamy.

coconut seasons torontoThe menu includes a number of combo options that are great for groups. We get the Combo for Four ($138) which comes with a full complement of ingredients, including a serving of Vancouver clams.

coconut seasons torontoThe hot pot here is different than other places. First, a special house-made broth made of coconut meat and water from two whole coconuts is boiled at your table. After simmering for a while, a third coconut is cracked open and mixed in. 

coconut seasons torontoNext, a generous portion of Wenchang chicken is mixed in to cook with the broth. This specific chicken is a Hainanese specialty - which is where this style of hotpot originates from.

Soon after, you can start dunking the ingredients into the soup. My advice is to start drinking some of the unadulterated soup before mixing  in the other components, so you get a pure hit of that sweet and slightly savoury broth.

coconut seasons torontoThe combo comes with your choice of three meats, of which my favourite is the fatty Pork Jowl meat.

coconut seasons torontoThe other two we select are the AAA Beef Slice and the New Zealand Lamb Slice. 

coconut seasons torontoFor dipping, don't miss the restaurant's homemade soy sauce. It's sweet and only lightly salty. Toss in a few cut chili peppers, and you're set.

coconut seasons torontoThe Handmade Dumplings that come with the combo are filled with pork and vegetables and made in-house.

coconut seasons torontoAlso included in the meal are Hand-Pulled Noodles. They have a chewy texture after you cook them in the broth that's just right.

coconut seasons toronto

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Coconut Seasons

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Coconut Seasons

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