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B's Sizzling Kitchen

B's Sizzling Kitchen is a Filipino restaurant serving signature Cebu Lechon and a kamayan menu of fresh seafood and grilled meats. 

Benedict Lucido, or chef B as he's otherwise known, focused on catering before opening a restaurant in Mississauga about 10 years ago. Now you can find his spot for sizzling Filipino feasts in Etobicoke. 

bs sizzling kitchen toronto

The specialty here is Cebu Lechon, a boneless, pork-belly roll version of traditional Filipino Lechon. The roasted pork belly originates from chef B's home city in the Philippines, Cebu, and was revered even by chef Anthony Bourdain for its crunchy golden skin and flavourful meat.

bs sizzling kitchen torontoHalf the pig roasts for three and a half hours while a whole pig takes another hour (whole: $170, half: $100). Once done roasting, it's stuffed with lemongrass and other herbs and spices, in typical Cebu-style. Liver sauce comes on the side, but the succulent meat does fine without it. 

bs sizzling kitchen torontoYou can also get Lechon sisig fries ($9.99). The roasted pork is prepared in a sauce made up of onions, chili peppers and calamansi before the Pinoy poutine gets drizzled on top with mayo and ketchup. 

bs sizzling kitchen toronto

There are also several kamayan meals to choose from on the menu.

One called the ultimate kamayan ($59.99) gets all of the fixings, Cebu Lechon, barbecue chicken, barbecue pork, fish, grilled squid, mussels, garlic butter shrimp and lobster balls, served on a bed of rice. 

bs sizzling kitchen toronto

Salted egg, steamed veggies, tomatoes, green mangoes, and five different dipping sauces are other special additions to the banana leaf smorgasbord that's admittedly best eaten with your hands. 

bs sizzling kitchen toronto

The era of endless takeout orders brought on by the pandemic inspired K-boxes, which lets you get the same kamayan experience at home. There's even an individual size for $20 if you're dining alone. 

bs sizzling kitchen toronto

Worth the sticky mess is the BBQ medley ($20.99). A selection of pork back ribs, beef ribs, pork skewers and chorizo are prepared in a calamansi and lemon soda marinade before hitting the grill. bs sizzling kitchen toronto

True to the restaurant name, some dishes come out sizzling like the sisig bowl ($11.99). Bubbles of steam are still coming off this plate of minced pork, jasmine rice, veggies and a fried egg at the table.

bs sizzling kitchen toronto

Kare kare ($15.99) is a combination of slow-cooked oxtail stew and a deliciously thick peanut sauce. Bagoong (shrimp paste) is served on the side to further enhance the flavours. 

bs sizzling kitchen toronto

They also offer some first-rate halo halo for dessert. Fork out $2 more for the additional scoop of ube ice cream beside the mango and you'll also get twice the amount of sweetened beans, fruits, jelly candies and shaved ice drizzled with condensed milk ($10.99). 

bs sizzling kitchen torontoTo drink, calamansi juice ($5.99) is made with the Filipino citrus fruit for a refreshing taste of lime. bs sizzling kitchen toronto

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B's Sizzling Kitchen

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