Bretts Ice Cream Toronto

Brett's Ice Cream

Brett’s Ice Cream combines the best of both worlds, with artisanal Konery cones (including gluten-free options) from Brooklyn and Belly ice cream from right here in Ontario.

With a name like Brett’s you might not expect such a sleek and feminine operation, but Brett Young is actually the female owner who’s at the helm of the operation along with her fiance.

Bretts Ice Cream Toronto

Bold graphic touches and a vintage gumball machine make give this place the iconic feel of a great neighbourhood ice cream shop.

Bretts Ice Cream Toronto

One wall inquires “What’s the scoop?” in neon.

Bretts Ice Cream Toronto

Hand-rolled Konery cake batter cones are preservative-free and made with fresh herbs, spices, natural extracts and gourmet ingredients.

Bretts Ice Cream TorontoThey come at a $2 premium for a flavour combination unlike the usual ice cream in a familiar plain waffle cone. Flavours include birthday cake and even creamsicle, and there are even a few gluten-free options.

Bretts Ice Cream Toronto

The Belly ice cream is similarly all-natural, preservative-free and made with all Ontario ingredients.

Bretts Ice Cream TorontoFlavours include chocolate dipped strawberry, cinnamon bun, key lime pie, apple crumble and stout milk chocolate ($5 for a scoop or $7 for two in a waffle or sugar cone or cup).

Bretts Ice Cream Toronto

They’ve also got dreamy cranberry raspberry and blackberry lemon sorbets as well as a blueberry lavender froyo that goes excellently with a red velvet cake batter cone.

Bretts Ice Cream Toronto

Other suggested combos include brownie chocolate with a hazelnut cone, cinnamon bun and cinnamon brown sugar and chocolate dipped strawberry and French vanilla.

Bretts Ice Cream Toronto

They also do shakes ($7) and we grab a velvety salted caramel on recommendation, drizzled with caramel and topped with whipped cream.

There are healthier options too like fruit parfaits ($8) and sorbet sodas ($7), sorbet blended with soda water and topped with fresh fruit.

Bretts Ice Cream Toronto

There are fruit infused iced teas ($3.25) in flavours like pink lemonade as well, and hot organic Lemon Lily tea is available for $2 - $2.50.

Bretts Ice Cream Toronto

To satisfy any last lingering hint of a sweet tooth there are Desmond & Beatrice cookies in flavours like unicorn, cookies and cream and vegan chocolate chip.

Bretts Ice Cream Toronto

The airy all-white interior decorated with cute little plants has a long bench against the window facing the street where streetcars ding past and customers often gather outside with their cones.

A park right across the street would also be a great destination to savour the dessert here.

Bretts Ice Cream Toronto

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Jesse Milns

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