Forget about the steel gates you have to walk through to get to Brassaii , or the cold, clammy minimalist interior - forget about all that. This restaurant knows how to do breakie.

With an in-house bakery and a familiar menu that satisfies every craving, this bistro-style resto has the recipe for breakfast success.

Upon entering the restaurant, I am greeted by a friendly waiter who is prompt. He knows the crowd...caffeine is required immediately...it was too early in the morning.


He came back within 5 minutes with my latte. I really appreciated the quick service. And the latte and later coffee refills were very good. Not your Maxwell House, that's for sure.

During this visit to King West, I have the Eggs Norwegian ($10). Poached eggs with smoked salmon and hollandaise on an English muffin. Delicious. Eggs were cooked just the way I like them, over medium. The hollandaise sauce was not too think or sour, like some places in the city. The muffin fresh.

The main did, as listed, come with lyonnaise potatoes and mixed fruit. This needs some improvement. Although the potatoes were yummy - I wanted more. The fruit was not so fresh, I don't want to say 'canned'...but I guess I just did.

Our table also shared a basket of croissants ($5). Inside were 3 large crossaints - regular, pain au chocolat et croissant au amandes. Yummy, yum, yum. It definitely pays to have a bakery on site. Every bite literally melted in your mouth. The chocolate and the almonds...um...mm...divine.

PS. Make a resy on the weekend, they get pretty busy. Also, a great place to go if you are in a large group. They have plenty of space.


461 King Street West

Toronto, ON


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