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Bite & Sip may be the only bright spot in the otherwise doom and gloom over Honest Ed's closing . The smoothie and pretzel shop opened to quiet acclaim under the Toronto institution nearly a year ago, tucked between the Wine Rack and Hero Burger. Owner Milka Cobanov, originally from Yugoslavia, has slowly building a reputation for delicious soft pretzels, amongst other things. She is warm and gently attentive, handing out samples so you can experience the gamut of items.

bite and sip/>Start by watching her make the pretzels fresh to order in the window station. She rolls out the dough, cuts and twists it, dips it in saltwater and once baked, slathers it with butter and the topping of your choice. Plain, salted, tossed with cinnamon sugar ($2.49) or sprinkled with cheese ($3.49), they harken back to childhood days. Pillowy, shiny dough that you yank between tooth and hand, chewing and smiling as you go. Or you can get pretzel bites, $2.99 for a box of 14, and add one of her pretzel dips (cheddar, jalapeno, or cream cheese, pizza sauce or chocolate for $0.75 each). </p><p><img src=

Cobanov also carries a variety of sandwiches and salads. The sandwiches are served on white or whole-wheat rolls, croissants, as grilled paninis, or breakfast bagels. The breakfast sandwiches are a steal at $2.99. You can choose between ham, bacon, turkey or sausage with your egg and cheese, or get a kid-friendly PB and J or grilled cheese. The other sandwiches ($3.49 for half, $5.99 for whole) are bistro twists on standard fare, like chicken pecan salad, Tuscany turkey and grilled Italiano.

The salads (small $3.99, large $5.99) are also well-trod classics- Caesar, Asian, Garden and Greek- and guess what, you can add marinated chicken, tuna or chicken pecan salad on top to increase the protein content for $1.49. No wild tastes or new flavour profiles here but made well, fresh and cheap.

bite and sip

Smoothies are the (semi) liquid highlight of the menu (small $3.49, large $4.49). Various blends of strawberry, banana, pineapple, berry, peach and mango are pulverized with ice for a thick and deceivingly creamy drink (all fruit smoothies are non-dairy). Their sweet smoothies would fit right in at an ice-cream parlour, with flavours like mocha java, Oreo, chocolate peanut butter and pumpkin pie.


The décor, and branding, is a bit of a jumble of bright colours. A gaggle of high schoolers were diving into the pretzel bites when I arrived, and their giggles and gossip, coupled with the interior design and menu, was like stepping into an episode of Saved By The Bell (I'm really dating myself here). That's when I realized Bite and Sip felt like the kind of place you loved to go with your friends after nagging day at school, where a nice lady would make you a big pretzel and what your juvenile brain thought of as a really fancy shake, before you finished up, split with your friends and headed home to face the 'rents.

bite and sip

Photos by Jesse Milns

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