132 Blythwood Road Toronto

This abandoned Toronto home is $6 million

It's unclear how long this Toronto house has been abandoned. 

The last time it sold was in 2009 for $1.8 million, and even then, it was being sold "as is."

"The house had been vacant and derelict for years before I purchased it," said current owner Marina Stefanovic. 

"And at the time the sellers, the estate of the couple that passed away, was not allowing showings inside the house for safety reasons. The children of prior owners had chainsawed the house throughout (floors, fireplaces, walls,  etc.) looking for a valuable coin collection that the parents had."  

For the record, the kids never found the coin collection. 

When Stefanovic bought it she had grand plans but she told blogTO that it took a long time to get through the Committee of Adjustments for approvals of new plans. 

By the time plans were approved Stefanovic, her family had moved out of the area and things stalled.

In 2017, 132 Blythwood Rd. went on and off the market for the entire year. It started at $6,188,000 and dropped to $5,295,000 by December, but never sold as a deal fell through. 

132 Blythwood Road Toronto

The front of the house. 

In the intervening seven years, the house has remained abandoned and has only become more derelict.

And yet, despite the abysmal state of this house, the home has just been re-listed for $6,385,000 

Why? You might ask. Because land. It's always land. 

132 Blythwood Road Toronto

An aerial shot of the neighbourhood and property. 

132 Blythwood Rd. is sitting on a massive 77 by 403-foot ravine estate lot with a substantial amount of table land (aka flat ground). 

With over 30,000 square feet of land, the possibilities of building a dream home are pretty much endless, if you have the cash. 

You could have a sprawling estate with a pool, detached four-car garage, and enough room for the greenhouse of all greenhouses. 

In fact, according to the listing, plans for a dream home are already in the works.

There's a survey, previously approved renovation/extension plans by Richard Wangle, and draft plans for a 13,000-square-foot new build.

Or, if you're more entrepreneurial, you could divide the property in two and build a whole townhouse development, a condo, or whatever you want.

132 Blythwood Road Toronto

The backyard and detached garage. 

This property has the space and potential to pretty much do anything you can get a building permit for.

Location wise, it is in the prestigious Lawrence Park neighbourhood where homes, on average, go for over $4 million

So that obviously plays a part in the listing price, but even considering all that $6 million is likely high. 

When we ran the address through HouseSigma and looked at the comparables, the value of the 132 Blythwood Rd. was in the $4 million range. 

132 Blythwood Road Toronto

Looks like there once was a pool. 

Then again, Stefanovic shared that in the years she's owned the property she's received a number of unsolicited offers – the highest offer being $6 million plus commission. 

So who knows, maybe it will sell for close to the asking price. 

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