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Someone in Toronto is renting out half of their bedroom to share for over $1,000

If you're paying less than $2,600 for a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto right now, you should consider yourself one of the lucky ones, as rent prices just won't let up, making the landscape the most dire it's been in a while for anyone on the hunt for a home.

The city is seeing progressively more dismal-as-heck units hitting the rental market in recent months as interest rates push property owners to rent out new spaces in their homes, jack up the rent as much as they can, or become renters themselves just to cover their bills.

With more newcomers than ever, the competition is fierce, affordability is at an all-time low, and the desperation is palpable.

Take, for example, one new listing for a half of a bedroom posted to a community Facebook group earlier this week.

toronto rentIn the ad, a tenant in a three-bedroom townhouse has decided it prudent to rent out half of his already small sleeping quarters to a stranger, and is charging an astounding $1,050 for it given that he himself is on the hook for $2,100 a month for the room.

"Share a room with me," the post reads, offering up a section of the home's largest bedroom (though it does not look so large), which will be split with a dinky portable divider to offer some semblance of privacy.

To be fair, the place itself does sound pretty nice, with two bathrooms shared between four people, a rooftop patio and balcony, free parking, in-house laundry, and a walk-in closet to split with your new roomie.

It is also apparently located downtown, right near a bus stop that is within a few minutes' drive of multiple TTC stations.

But, for some, there understandably aren't enough perks in the world that would make up for having to share a compact bedroom with a complete stranger for over a grand per month.

toronto rentNow that sharing bedrooms has become a trend in the overpriced 6ix and renting out a single room in a shared apartment will run you $1,300, perhaps this offer isn't even that shocking.

At least, unlike other recent listings, he's not asking you to share a bed.

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