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People are trying to pitch in $685 each to buy a massive chunk of Kensington Market

Hundreds of people part of a local Toronto Facebook group are attempting to come together to save a historical strip of homes in Kensington Market

In March, several images circulating online showed that a large portion of Toronto's Kensington Market was potentially on the chopping block, with a row of seven properties totalling $24 million, and plans to potentially redevelop the site with a mid-rise building. 

The properties in question included 23 St Andrew Street and 25 through 35 Kensington Avenue. 

The images in question also hinted at the possibility of purchasing more properties at 21 and 23 Kensington Avenue, as well as an easement lot attached at 23 St Andrew Street. 

The site is home to a strip of Victorian houses which are located within the planned Kensington Market Heritage Conservation District (HCD), which aims to preserve the area's heritage.  

Many who frequent the neighbourhood have grown to adore the quirky homes, with hundreds of people even stating their intention to save the properties if they so happen to reach the point of being sold. 

"Waiting for the sleeps to kick in, and I just had the wildest idea," one Toronto resident wrote in the Facebook group. "There are 35k members here. This huge area of Kensington Market is for sale. If each of us chips in about $685, we can buy this real estate up." 

Dozens of members seemed to be enthusiastic about the idea, writing, "count me in," "wow, this amazing," and "I'm in!" 

"Someone needs to find a lawyer who's able to put that many names on the title," one person wrote, after discovering the sheer number of people who were down for the idea. 

"Let me know when the first 34,999 people pitch in, and I'll give you my money," another skeptical member said. 

However, it doesn't look like Toronto residents will have to pool their money together just yet, because CBC recently reported that the historic strip isn't actually for sale. 

According to the CBC report, the images circulating online showing the seven properties that could be assembled for sale come from a commercial realtor for IQI Canada. 

The 23 St Andrew lot does have a for sale sign, and is currently on the market for $8.5 million. 

However, the other six properties are not found online, and realtor Joseph Wu told CBC News that the images are ones he developed in 2008 and he has no authority to sell the homes. 

The City has also reportedly received no inquiries or any applications for the site, meaning Kensington Market lovers can most likely breathe a sigh of relief for now. 

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