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Homes in Paris Ontario somehow cost almost exactly as much as the real Paris

Few cities offer the same allure as Paris, France, a cosmopolitan urban centre renowned for its food, architecture, culture, and tourist appeal.

But did you know that for pretty much the exact same average price you'll pay for a home in France's bustling capital, you could live in Ontario's very own fake Paris?

Housing markets are now so overblown in the province, that Paris, Ontario's average home prices are practically on par with the much larger European city of the same name.

For an average of $863,000, you could call the town of approximately 15,000 residents your new home. Alternatively, you could pay an average of €593,000, or $869,000 canuck bucks — just a few thousand dollars more — and purchase a home in the much larger Paris, a city that attracts over 30 million tourists per year.

There are some key differences to note, however, including average home sizes. Like any large city, Paris (France) has plenty of high-density accommodation, while Ontario's Paris is built out primarily with single-family residences.

Average home sizes are already much larger in Canada than in France, at 181 square metres versus 112. Factor in the prevalence of apartments in Paris (France), and that comparable average home price will get you a much smaller living space across the pond.

The Paris vs. Paris comparison shines a spotlight on the absurdity of Ontario's sky-high real estate prices, but it's worth noting that Ontario's Paris is indeed a charming tourist draw notable for its European feel, from the cobblestone homes perched over the Grand River to cafes and trendy shops.

It's not the first time the small town has been compared to the much larger European city.

Fun bonus fact: Paris, Ontario, isn't actually directly named after the city in France. Instead, the town derives its name from nearby deposits of gypsum, which is used in the production of plaster of Paris.

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