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Realtor suggests bringing flashlight to visit spooky Toronto home listing

There are plenty of fixer-upper homes in Toronto, but a relatively new listing might just take the cake for the spookiest renovation project - flashlight not included.

Welcome to 155 Northland Avenue near Humber Boulevard and Weston Road in the Rockcliffe-Smythe neighbourhood, a super cute little home that has definitely seen better days.

Described pretty honestly as an "amazing opportunity for a handyman," this $699,000 home probably isn't for anybody looking to move in right away.

155 northlandAnother catch - there aren't actually any working lights, with the realtor advising potential buyers to "bring a flashlight."

I'll admit, the first shot of the house definitely does not quite capture the true potential it has to offer. Move past the lack of grassy lawns and plum sidings, the building itself is actually very quaint and could be a perfect starter home.

Moving inside, the current conditions are less than ideal and, in the absence of daylight, might look a bit spooky.

But just think of the potential a deep cleaning, new flooring, and a fresh coat of paint could provide.

155 northlandThe first room could be a little sitting area. Just add a little bench under the front window to create the perfect book nook.

Further into the weathered detached bungalow, you'll find yourself in a strange bathroom setup. The toilet is angled in the corner of the room, beside a pastel blue sink and 70s green tile flooring.

150Points are given for the state of the tiles, tear them up carefully, and someone will pay good money for these "vintage" squares. Points are deducted for the potato-quality photo.

The realtor definitely did not stage this home professionally or even bother to take high-resolution pictures to convince anyone to save it. Take, for example, this dark and kind of foreboding image of a bedroom.
155 northlandAged hardwood flooring is present throughout the home, though some areas look like they need to be sanded or even replaced.

155 northland

There are many apparent issues, but one plus is that annual property taxes on this room are relatively low, a cool $2,600.

With two bedrooms, one bathroom and an unfinished basement all in rough condition, there is no hiding this home will take some big bucks to bring it back up to livable standards.

I, myself, think a total renovation is definitely possible to save the home, however, the realtor also suggests it could be a complete teardown if you just want a lot to build your dream home.

Whether you're in the market for a reno project or a teardown, this might be the perfect home for you.

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