91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

This $1.3 million Toronto home would be the perfect set for That '70s Show

From the outside, 91 Valdor Dr. looks like your typical suburban home. And on paper, it is technically your run-of-the-mill Scarborough family residence.

It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and it's sitting on a great 60-foot wide corner lot. 

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The basement wet bar.

But inside, this home is in a completely different era. 

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The laundry room. 

The home has never been listed before, so the original owners have been in this house since they bought it, and going by the psychedelic wallpaper, that's probably some time in the 70s. 

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The front entrance. 

Right from the front door, you're greeted by beige wall-to-wall carpeting and shimmering floral wallpaper. 

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The family room. 

On the main floor, you have the spacious principal rooms including the oversized family room with a brick fireplace, wood wall panelling and the most vibrant red carpeting we've ever seen. 

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The kitchen. 

The kitchen is small with very old appliances but is big enough to eat in. 

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

One of the bathrooms. 

As for most authentic 70s room in the house, it's a toss-up between the laundry room with plaid wallpaper, the purple bathroom or the entire basement.  

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The basement rec room is perfect for an Eric Forman roundtable. 

The basement is truly like something out of "That '70s Show." You can just imagine Eric Foreman, Hyde, Kelso and Fez all sitting on that couch in a cloud of haze.

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The trippy wallpaper in the basement is authentically vintage. 

It's complete with wood-panelled walls, fever dream wallpaper, brown carpeting, an orange mid-century sofa and a wet bar. 

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The foyer. 

Actually speaking of the furniture in the house, it would be worth finding out if it could be combined with the sale.

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The dining room with a walk-out to the backyard. 

There are some choice classic mid-century pieces in the bedrooms, dining room and office.

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The living room. 

If you know, you know, but the furniture style is super popular, and if it's authentic Danish mid-century furniture you've hit the jackpot. 

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The primary bedroom. 

In particular, that teak wardrobe in the primary bedroom is worth a few grand, at minimum. Just saying.   

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

Another bedroom. 

Speaking of the bedrooms. They're all large and have plenty of storage. 

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

Another bathroom. 

The primary bedroom also has an ensuite bathroom – we could see Kitty freshening up in there. 

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The office or another bedroom. Check out the lime green carpeting!

However, if you look past the dated aesthetics of the home you'll notice that it's been well-maintained, has a good layout with plenty of space, and has tons of great natural light.  

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The backyard. 

The home is also in a good location – close to transit and amenities – and it also sits on a large plot of land. 

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

An aerial shot of the house. 

As realtor Tania Menicucci says in her listing: "It's a great opportunity for a blank canvas project. 

91 Valdor Dr. Toronto

The front of 91 Valdor Dr.

The home is listed for $1,398,000

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