134 Upper Canada Drive Toronto

This $2.25 million Toronto house is the stuff of nightmares

If you've ever wanted to live in a haunted house, and have $2,250,000 to spare, look no further than this recently-listed Toronto house.

From the outside, 134 Upper Canada Drive looks unassuming; the lawn is cut, the leaves raked. There are no signs of disrepair.

Situated near Yonge Street and Highway 401 in North York, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow is "close to everything," including (maybe) the gates of hell.

At best, the front hall is dated - the listing does note that the interior is "vintage." At worst, it's the last step before a wall-to-wall carpeted nightmare.

134 Upper Canada Drive TorontoDespite a sole pair of rubber gloves in the sink, the kitchen counters are visibly filthy and worn down in some places. The lace curtains and vintage radiators add to the ghostly aura.

134 Upper Canada Drive TorontoAs do the chandeliers.

134 Upper Canada Drive TorontoWhat appears to be a piano and a pair of boxes are all that remain in the living room.

134 Upper Canada Drive TorontoThe dingey carpets, dirty walls, and broken blinds found in the very lived-in bedrooms do not seem conducive to a good night's sleep.

134 Upper Canada Drive TorontoThings get even creepier in the basement.

134 Upper Canada Drive TorontoThe main room has blood-red floors and peeling, wood-panelled walls. They're plastered with degrees, photos, and clippings, as well as a strange orb of green light that the listing makes no effort to hide.

134 Upper Canada Drive TorontoA sole shadeless lamp sits in one corner.

134 Upper Canada Drive TorontoThe bathroom is, unsurprisingly, grungy. The toilet seat is, surprisingly, fuzzy.

134 Upper Canada Drive TorontoArguably the most unsettling part of the house, though, is the furnace room.

134 Upper Canada Drive TorontoPhantom pipes and single-hanging lightbulbs abound.

134 Upper Canada Drive TorontoThe backyard is vast — large enough for a pool, the listing says. And there are no rear neighbours, so no one can hear you scream.

134 Upper Canada Drive TorontoCheck out the full horror-inducing listing here.

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