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Landlords are now renting tiny bachelor units in generic Toronto condos for nearly $3k

We all know Toronto's rental market has been nuts lately, but ridiculous new listings continue to pop up and show just how tough things have gotten for tenants in the city.

While rent for an apartment in the GTA at large hit over $2,500 in August — and that's the average across units of all sizes — there are cramped bachelors that are now being listed for way more than that in the downtown core.

Multiple very basic, tiny studios have been listed online this week for close to $3,000 a month despite the fact that the average rent for a place of this size in the region is around $1,770 — which is still up a whopping 22 per cent from a low point last year.

Yes, you can live in a 400-square-foot shoebox in a generic-ass condo in the Entertainment District for a cool $2,700 a month.

toronto rent

A 405-square-foot bachelor unit in Toronto was listed for $2,700 per month this week, and it's not the only one. Photo from the Kijiji listing.

Billed as "luxury," the furnished unit at 125 Peter Street is nice enough and has all the amenities of your typical condo building, but definitely doesn't seem like it warrants the hefty price tag given its extremely close quarters.

A sliding track door divides the painfully small living space from the painfully small sleeping space in the same room.

toronto rent

The petite living space is priced extremely high, showing how hectic the market has become. Photo from the Kijiji listing.

Then there's a similar listing on Fort York Boulevard in City Place — a peak area for quickly-built cookie-cutter condos — that offers you a whopping 15 square feet more for the same price and is even more expensive if you want to rent shorter-term.

The likewise furnished place is advertised as "the perfect bachelor with everything you need," and will cost a staggering $3,500 per month if you just want it for a month, $3,000 per month for two, or $2,700 per month for three months or longer.

toronto rent

The cost to sleep on a pullout couch in a bachelor unit is now $2,700 in some parts of the city. Photo from the Kijiji listing.

The couch, of course, is a pullout, because there's no space for both a couch and a bed in the single-room unit.

But hey, maybe the view of the QEW and CN Tower makes it worth the exorbitant price tag, and at least this one has a separate room for the kitchen, unlike the other condo, where your kitchen counter is packed in right behind your couch.

toronto rent

The rental market has gotten ridiculous in Toronto and across the GTA as demand soars. Photo from the Kijiji listing.

Regardless of what apartment size you're seeking, if you're hunting for a place in Toronto right now, you can plan to overpay for slim pickings, unfortunately.

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