43 Harmony Ave. Toronto

This $600K as-is bungalow might be the cheapest house in all of Toronto right now

When the listing says the "home needs a full reno" you know it's in rough shape. 

And this detached two-bedroom, one-bathroom home in Scarborough has seen much, much better days. 

Even from the outside you can see how neglected 43 Harmony Ave. is by the peeling paint on the window frames and the roof shingles that are barely hanging on. 

43 Harmony Ave. Toronto

The kitchen. 

The inside is dare we say, worse? 

The faded and peeling wallpaper, water-damaged ceilings, and old bed sheets as curtains make a sad picture. 

43 Harmony Ave. Toronto

The bathroom. 

The bathroom might be the most destroyed room in the house where the wall is literally falling off the studs. 

It's not pretty but to be fair, the home is being sold "as is" and "without any representations or warranties." 

43 Harmony Ave. Toronto

The living room. 

And as bad as the home looks, the price is very attractive. 

43 Harmony Ave. Toronto

A bedroom. 

The home was first listed for $679,000 in September, but they just dropped the price down to $629,000, making it the cheapest home in Toronto right now. 

43 Harmony Ave. Toronto

The living room and front entrance. 

"Think about how you could renovate this home to its former glory and it will still work out to be only a little bit more money than a two-bed condo!" said realtor Tanmay Kelkar in the listing. 

43 Harmony Ave. Toronto

The front porch. 

It is also sitting on a decent chunk of land with a lot size of 2,669 square-feet. 

So if you wanted to rebuild, or add on an addition when you did the renovation that's definitely possible. 

43 Harmony Ave. Toronto

The kitchen. 

"[It's an] amazing investment opportunity," adds Kelkar.

And he's right, if you invest the much needed TLC into this place, the average price for a detached home in this community is close to $1.2 million, even in this cooling market. 

43 Harmony Ave. Toronto

The second bedroom. 

But still you have to taken on this a big renovation, which on average will run you anywhere between $550K and $900K

43 Harmony Ave. Toronto

The home is sitting on a triangular lot that narrows at the back. 

And with all that in mind maybe the two-bedroom condo isn't so terrible after all... 

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