21 Barford Road toronto

This $1 million Toronto home with a strong sea foam theme is straight out of the 70s

From the outside, this Etobicoke home may just look like your average bungalow. However, don't let it fool you, because once you take a step inside, you'll be transported to the 70s with its quirky sea foam theme.

Located at 21 Barford Road, this detached home boasts three bedrooms and one bathroom.

21 barford road toronto

A time warp awaits.

A significant portion of the house is painted sea-foam greenish blue, and is coupled with rustric interior décor that gives the space a charming feel.

21 barford road toronto

The walls and carpet are a bold combo.

The open windows make the bungalow feel airy, while the fireplace adds a touch of warmth to the space.

21 barford road toronto

The living room a half-level down ties into the 70s theme.

The kitchen is adorned with a classic floral wallpaper complemented by wood furtniture throughout the room.

21 barford road toronto

The kitchen is ready for a revamp.

The vintage mirrors all around the house give the bungalow a quirky touch.

21 barford road toronto

Carpeted stairs.

In contrast with the rest of the home, the bedrooms have a modern and sophisticated feel.

21 barford road toronto

A bedroom.

Another bedroom pays homage to the rest of the home with blue-themed wallpaper.

21 barford road toronto

A statement wall.

The basement has your classic 70s' themed couch, a pastel-tile pattern floor, and of course, some wood panelling. 

21 barford road torontoThe private and fenced backyard is spacious and perfect for entertaining guests.

21 barford road torontoThis rare bungalow is currently listed for $990,000. Aside from the funky theme running through the home, you'll also receive all exisiting light fixtures, appliances, as well as a washer and dryer.

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