147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

This is the first time in 50 years this $5 million Toronto house has been on the market

A lot can change in 50 years. For example, 50 years ago the U.S. introduced a space shuttle program, and now, billionaires are racing to make space tourism a thing. 

In 1972, the year Canada defeated the USSR at the Summit Series, the average cost of a house in Toronto was just over $30,000, and now, the average price of a house is over $1 million.  

So when we tell you the last time this home on the market, the USSR was still a thing, you can understand just how rare of a home this is.

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The front entrance. 

While it was probably purchased for around $30K, 50 years ago, now it's currently being listed for $4,999,990.

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The dining room. 

The home boasts five bedrooms, four bathrooms and 4,700-square-feet of living space. 

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The breakfast room. 

And while homes that haven't been on the market in a half-century are often worse for wear, 147 Farnham Ave. is in surprisingly good shape. 

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The fireplace and bay window in the living room. 

The home has been well maintained and kept all the charming features, like the original hardwood floors and leaded glass windows. 

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The pantry off the kitchen.

It's also been renovated in many parts of the home, creating a lovely combination of modern and classic styles. 

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The inviting living room. 

On the main floor you have the principal rooms with lots of natural light and high ceilings. 

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The sunroom overlooking the backyard. 

The sunroom off the living room has a delightful retro vibe with the wood-panelled walls. 

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The kitchen. 

The kitchen is sleek and minimalist with glossy white cabinets and integrated appliances. 

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

One of the bedrooms. 

Upstairs you'll find the five main bedrooms. 

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The primary bedroom. 

The primary bedroom features hardwood floors, a walk-in closet and ensuite bath that has an interesting architectural arch feature. 

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The primary bathroom. 

However, what this residence really has going for it is the land it's sitting on.

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The backyard. 

It's on a 50-by-168 foot, south-facing lot of tableland, giving a new owner unlimited possibilities with the backyard. 

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The sunroom also has a skylight. 

"Perfect for an addition, pool, or garden oasis," said realtor Jonathan Ferrier.  

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

An office. 

The only downside to this home is that even at basically $5 million, it could still use some updates.

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

A bathroom. 

For example, the bathrooms are dated and the basement is unfinished. 

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The primary bedroom walk-in closet. 

But that could be a good if you like putting your own stamp on a house. 

147 Farnham Avenue Toronto

The back of the house and yard. 

It's also worth noting this is the second time this house has been listed this year. So take that as you will. 

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