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A Toronto landlord has divided their home into bedrooms to be shared by complete strangers

If you're for some reason seeking dorm-style accommodations but didn't make it into residence at your school (or are no longer a student), then you're in luck, because it appears that a number of landlords in Toronto are converting rooms in their homes into shared bedrooms with multiple individual beds to be occupied by complete strangers.

One new apartment listing continues this trend with a series of "share rooms" in a Scarborough home, two of which have two single beds each (though a fifth lucky tenant gets a room all to themselves).

toronto rent

Get up close and personal with your new roommates by sharing a private bedroom with one of them! Photo from the Kijiji listing.

The sparsely furnished rooms in a bungalow at Brimley and Eglinton are being advertised for $500, ostensibly to be divided between the two tenants of each bedroom, though the wording is somewhat unclear.

toronto rent

The "furnishings" in the furnished rooms leave a lot to be desired. Photo from the Kijiji listing.

The landlord requests "working professional female or international working professional students who need to be very neat, clean and to be [able to] share kitchen and washroom with other tenants," the landlord writes on Kijiji, leaving out that four of the five roomies will have to be okay sharing an actual private bedroom with another person, though the photos make this obvious.

toronto rent

One lucky person gets their own room — for double the price, the listing suggests. Photo from the Kijiji listing.

They also make it clear that there will be 24 hours surveillance security, as "room rental system totally different from full house or full basement rental system . Room rental always under supervision."

While the shared kitchen looks quite spacious and well-appointed with stainless steel appliances and the washroom also appears to be clean and newly renovated, tenants cannot expect any living space beyond their shared bedrooms, as the listing also notes that "living room not included [in] the rental, only for the official use by landlord."

toronto rent

The kitchen and washroom, to be shared with four other people, are actually quite nice. Photo from the Kijiji listing.

Does this mean the shared accommodations do not have a separate entrance and are attached to the landlord's living quarters as well? The ad doesn't specify.

What it does specify is that along with the very unorthodox housing situation, tenants will not be permitted to drink, smoke, have visitors or parties in their own place — an interesting list of requirements from your new landlord/dad, apparently.

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