24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

This $1.2 million Toronto home will need a lot more than TLC

It's never a particularly good sign if the listing is showing you other houses on the street rather than just the one you're supposed to be buying. 

And if the listing mentions things like "inside needs work" and "diamond in the rough" it doesn't really inspire confidence. 

But then again some people are looking for a fixer-upper. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The front entrance. 

However, 24 Longandale Rd. might be a bit more involved than adding a few new coats of paint and renovating a bathroom. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The front of the house. 

This three-bedroom, two-bathroom home is in rough shape – so much so that it's pretty much a toss up between gutting it and renovating or just tearing it down and starting from scratch. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The front yard. 

Before you even enter the home, you'll notice an overgrown lawn littered with well... litter. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The yard could use some landscaping. 

But if you look past the overgrown trees and garbage, you'll see that the home is on a decent sized corner lot that faces south-west, so it gets plenty of sun. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The living room and dining room. 

On the main floor you have the living room, dining room, and kitchen. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The living room and dining room are open concept.  

Although, from the pictures it's hard to tell that the dining room is a dining room as there's a lot of stuff in there, including a bed which is a bit confusing. But there are hardwood floors, so that might be salvageable. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The kitchen. 

The kitchen is mostly a pile of empty beer cans and likely defunct appliances. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The stairs. 

Up some very dirty and oddly green carpets are the bedrooms. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The skylight in the primary bedroom. 

The primary bedroom gets lots of light thanks to a skylight.

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The primary bedroom. 

But that might be the only thing it currently has going for it as there's exposed wiring and unfinished walls. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

Another bedroom. 

The other bedrooms aren't any better. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The stairs leading to the basement. 

There's also a rec room in the basement but there are no photos – which based on the stains on the walls next to the stairs leading down might be a small mercy. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

One of the bathrooms. 

Despite how rough the photos look, realtor Andrew Shevtsov is confident that this home is a prime opportunity. 

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

A bedroom. 

"While the home needs work, this area, Willowdale, is well established. Willowdale is one of North Toronto's best neighbourhoods," he explains in the listing video.

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The upstairs hallway gets plenty of light. 

"It's surrounded by all the amenities: parks, recreational facilities, and highly sought after schools. This place, honestly, is as good as it gets."

24 Longandale Rd. Toronto

The yard. 

The home is currently listed for $1,199,000 –  an over $100,000 drop in price from it's listing price last year

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