43 main st e campbellville

The cheapest home in the GTA just sold for less than $50K

Cheap homes that are even anywhere close to Toronto are hard to come by, but one in the GTA just sold for under $50K.

However, it's not exactly your conventional home.

In Campbellville near Milton, a retiree just bought a caboose that's been set up for regular day-to-day living.

If she was looking to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a boxcar kid, her wish has finally been granted.

43 main st e campbellville

Listed as a bungalow at $45,000, the bright red 1912 caboose was restored to modified condition.

43 main st e campbellvilleThere's a built-in stereo system and a deck, and it's located in a commercially zoned parking lot where there's a $500 per month lease. The caboose is hooked up to electricity, but not plumbing, but water hookups can be added.

43 main st e campbellville

64-year-old Laurel Wynne told CTV News she had sold a previous property that was a 1921 school house in February 2021, saying the commute to see her family in Oakville was too long and renovations were too expensive.

43 main st e campbellvilleWynne also told CTV she's renovating the caboose to have a living space, bedroom and bathroom, but even with these costs the home should still cost way less than most on the market in the area.

43 main st e campbellville

The caboose has been listed since around November 2021, and wasn't initially recommended for residential use.

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