24 Noble St. Toronto

This is one of the coolest studio apartments in Toronto and it's under $500K

While the building was built in the era when there was still nobility kicking around, Noble Court Lofts actually have quite humble beginnings. 

The 1910 building used to be a toy factory and then functioned as commercial spaces before inevitably being converted into lofts in 1989 by Greenwin Ltd., listing agent Alysha Lockyer told blogTO. 

There are just 79 units in this building, so it's a tight knit community of residents. Apparently they have a Facebook page, a gardening team, and an annual garage sale. 

24 Noble St. Toronto

The dining room and kitchen with a full-size fridge. 

So if you're looking for a community and not just a dope place to lay your head, this studio-condo might be the place for you. 

24 Noble St. Toronto

Maitenance fees are just over $400 a month. 

Listed for $499,000, the unit is the proud owner of 11-foot ceilings, exposed brick and exposed beams, and plenty of natural light thanks to the oversized south-facing windows. 

24 Noble St. Toronto

The exposed wood beams and post add plenty of character to the space. 

While the unit is just over 450-square-feet it doesn't feel too cramped as the bedroom space is lofted. 

24 Noble St. Toronto

The bed loft. 

Sure you have to climb up basically a bunkbed ladder but there's enough headroom that you won't give yourself a concussion every morning. 

24 Noble St. Toronto

The nook under the loft bed. 

The loft bed also means you have a cozy little office nook for working from home. 

24 Noble St. Toronto

The kitchen has a fridge, oven and stove, and a combo wash/dryer unit. 

The kitchen is minimal but has the basics. There's even a combo washer/dryer in the kitchen, so you don't have to haul your laundry to a laundromat. 

24 Noble St. Toronto

The bathroom. 

The bathroom could probably use some updating but seems functional. 

24 Noble St. Toronto

The unit boasts the original hardwood floors. 

And the true selling point is the location. Noble Court Lofts are right in Parkdale, so you're close to all the cool boutiques, bars and restaurants. 

24 Noble St. Toronto

The entrance. 

"The highly desirable Parkdale/Roncy location appeals to many buyers seeking to be close to the action of Queen West," said Lockyer.

24 Noble St. Toronto

The unit also comes with parking. There's above ground parking on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

So while it might not be a noble palace, it's pretty palatial as far as studio condos go. 

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