953136 7th Line EHS

You can own a piece of Ontario history for just $3 million

Now modern homes are all well and good but there's something to be said for historical properties that come with stories, character, and quirks. 

This home, located in the Mono Township (which is about two hours outside of Toronto), is a historical gem that you can't help but fall in love with. 

This property has been around since the early 1800s. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

An aerial view of part of the property. 

"The original date of settlement by the Atkinson Family is unknown but thought to be early 1800s," realtor Carolyn Scime told blogTO. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

The fieldstone house ruins. 

It used to be just a fieldstone house that was made with mud and straw, the remanents of which are still on the property today. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

The main house. 

But the main home - the red brick farmhouse - was built in 1891.

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

The entrance.

"This property has only been owned by two families,"said Scime. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

The home has 2,484-square-feet of living space. 

"The current owner’s parents bought the property from members of the Atkinson family in the early 1960s and has remained in the family since then."

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

A view into the sitting room and a small office nook. 

It's easy to see why the home hasn't been on the market since the 60s. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

The dining room with original millwork. 

Sitting on 29 acres of rolling grounds and mature woods, the character-filled red brick farmhouse is everything you'd want out of a heritage home. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

The primary bedroom. 

"The farmhouse has been lovingly preserved over time with many original features still remaining, including the flooring on the second floor, doors, and millwork throughout," said Scime. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

Exposed brick and a stained-glass window are features in the home. 

The vintage wallpaper and stained-glass windows just add that much more charm to the old farmhouse. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

The primary bathroom. 

The home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

The living room with a fireplace. 

The main floor is bright and sun-filled with high ceilings, large principal rooms and multiple walkouts. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

The kitchen. 

The only room that is a bit of a letdown in the home is the kitchen. It's very narrow and doesn't seem to have any of the historic charm that the rest of the house possesses. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

A bedroom. 

The bedrooms are quaint and perhaps could use a bit more storage space but this is an old home and they didn't need walk-in closets back in 1891. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

A view from one of the patios. 

And as delightful as the home is, the surrounding property is equally a major selling point. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

Some of the surrounding farmland. 

In addition to the 29 acres of land, the Humber Springs Creek also runs through the property. How picturesque!

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

The barn. 

The property also has a century bank barn on it, which could have multiple uses with some updating.  

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

A small bedroom. 

So if you're ready to give up city living and want to slow down on a cute rural Ontario farm this place might just be perfect.

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

Another bedroom. 

Maybe you can start a cozy Bed and Breakfast or whatever else people do in Hallmark rom-com movies. 

953136 7 Line EHS Mono

A view of both houses.

953136 7th Line EHS  is listed for $2,750,000

Photos by

Mitchell Hubble from Modern Movement Photography

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