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An entire Toronto building got eviction notices and people are fighting back

All of the residents of an apartment building in Toronto's west end recently got eviction notices from their landlord, but they're fighting back together as a group.

The entire building at 12 Lansdowne Avenue received N13 eviction notices (typically issued when a landlord wants to renovate, demolish or convert to another use), according to the advocacy group Parkdale Organize.

Parkdale Organize says the company directors from 12 Lansdowne Inc. have a history of evicting tenants and raising rents.

The directors did not immediately reply to a request for comment from blogTO, but a spokesperson told the Toronto Star that Lansdowne 12 Inc. is committed to keeping the building as affordable housing and letting tenants return.

But Kim Breland, one of the tenants at 12 Lansdowne, told the Toronto Star that she fears the residents will be renovicted and won't find another place to live.

"I've been here for 12 years," Breland said. "There's nowhere (else) in the city I can afford."

Directors of 12 Lansdowne Inc. were previously criticized for evicting tenants from another apartment building, at 795 College St., and then raising the rent from $1,250 for three-bedroom units to between $4,150 and $4,200.

The landlords suggested that this time will be different, but Parkdale Organize says residents won't be fooled.

"We don't rely on crossed fingers and the feigned good will of landlords," Parkdale Organize tweeted "We organize to build power and defend our homes."

The tenants are getting the word out and putting up posters and banners. The protest seems to have irked the landlords, who sent out new eviction notices to two tenants who hung banners from their balconies, says Parkdale Organize.

"The landlords claim that by hanging banners the tenants have committed an 'illegal act' and they have threatened to file applications with the Landlord and Tenant Board to evict the tenants if the banners do not come down," Parkdale Organize says.

Parkdale Organize calls "the new eviction notices are an attempt by the landlord to silence and punish tenants who have been organizing to stop the evictions at 12 Lansdowne."

But the fight is not over.

"In the coming weeks, tenants at 12 Lansdowne will be calling on the support of neighbours in Parkdale and it is in all our interest to be there for them," writes Parkdale Organize.

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Parkdale Organize

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