97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

This $2 million Toronto home has a Japanese inspired interior

From the outside 97 Cocksfield Avenue looks like your typical four-bedroom split-level house. 

And for the most part it is. 

Listed for $2,088,888, this home boasts over 3,000-square-feet of living space with lots of natural light and spacious rooms.

97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

A view of the back of the house. 

The home also boasts  a spacious backyard with a patio. 

97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

The family room walks-out to the backyard. 

On the ground floor you'll find two bedrooms, an office space and the kitchen.

97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

One of the bedrooms. 

The bedrooms are all a good size and have plenty of storage.

97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

The kitchen comes with all the existing appliances. 

The kitchen looks like it was renovated in the early to mid 2000s so it's a bit out of style but otherwise in good condition. It also has enough space to have a dining table in it. 

97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

The primary bedroom with a built-in wadrobe and office / library space. 

The primary bedroom is on the upper floor and is spacious with an ensuite bathroom and built-in wardrobe. 

97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

A bedroom in the basement could be a guest bedroom or transformed into something else. 

The basement has another bedroom and the family room or recreation room. 

97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

The family room in the basement with a gas fireplace. 

But what truly makes this house cool is the living and dining room on the main level. 

97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

The traditional Japenese style dining area with built-in banquet seating. 

Inside this modest home is a Japanese-inspired custom living room and dining room that makes you feel like you've stepped into a sushi restaurant in Kyoto. 

97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

The living room. 

According to the listing, it has original tatami and shoji screens that typically act as a room divider to provide privacy and diffuse light throughout the room, but the screens are also used in traditional Japanese architecture as windows and doors, like they are in this house. 

97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

A view of the open concept living and dining room. 

The result is a soft and soothing atmosphere that inspires one to meditate.

97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

A view of the living room from the dining room. 

The rock garden in the middle of the dining table is also a fun touch. 

97 Cocksfield Avenue Toronto

The backyard. 

It's a shame the rest of the house isn't all zen like the living and dining room but perhaps the next owners will take it to that next level!

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