7 Brimley Road Toronto

You can have no neighbours with this $500K floating house in Toronto

Getting away from the general human population doesn't seem like the worst decision someone can make these days.

And if you're looking for a place where you won't run into anyone easily, this houseboat in Toronto could be the best solution. 

Listed for $499,800, #80- 7 Brimley Road South is a newly built 1,150-square-foot home that can be completely neighbour-free if you want it. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The home is being sold in "as is" condition. 

Right now it's docked at the Bluffer's Marina but the listing notes that this home is "a fully registered vessel approved by Transport Canada".

7 Brimley Road Toronto

A view of the house being transported. 

However, you do still need to put in the motors so it can move. There is one new Mercury 115HP high thrust outboard motor included but you may need more than one motor to move the boat. 

But once you install the motors then you can go anywhere even it's just the middle of the lake (maybe... you should probably check what the laws are to be fair.)

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The marina. 

And it's not just the lack of neighbours that's appealing; there are spectacular views to be had and the price is remarkable for what you get.

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The primary bedroom. 

The home has three-bedrooms and two-bathrooms. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The living room has lots of natural light. 

The main floor has open concept living, dining and kitchen. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The office space. 

There's also a small office space and a bathroom. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The upstairs bathroom with a double-vanity. 

The second-storey has the two bedrooms and the other bathroom which is spacious enough for a tub. 7 Brimley Road Toronto

The view of Scarborough Bluff's from the balcony. 

There's also a 450-square-foot terrace for all your summer patio needs. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The upstairs hallway. 

The houseboat also comes with a washer and dryer, a furnace and hot water tank, so even in the dead of winter you can live here. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

How the houseboat gets power. 

The heat pump is propane so you'll need to factor that into costs and it's unclear how electricity is billed but there's a hookup if you're moored. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The kitchen with stainless steel appliances. 

That being said, if you're handy you could likely outfit the home to work off grid if that was something you're into. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

A bedroom with a balcony walk-out. 

But if you don't want to go off grid there is a slight problem in that this place doesn't come with a mooring spot, so you'll need to source that which could be a challenge. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

One of the bedroom's closet. 

Also it's worth noting that mooring prices in the various Toronto marinas vary widely based on the size of the vessel among other things.

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The living room. 

But when this place was listed last year the mooring fee was $780 per month to give you a rough idea. 

7 Brimley Road Toronto

The terrace with walk-outs from the bedrooms. 

So as long as you don't get seasick and you're looking to live that reclusive lifestyle, this houseboat could be a great condo alternative.  

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