51 Claremore Avenue Toronto

This is the cheapest detached house in Toronto right now

As the Toronto real estate market hits a new all-time high, with average home prices rising over $1 million, it's almost a miracle to find any detached home under that price. 

But this tiny two-bedroom, one-bathroom bungalow might just be a unicorn in today's world. 

Listed for $650,000, 51 Claremore Avenue is the cheapest detached home you can find right now. 

And there are definitely reasons why it's being listed so low. 

51 Claremore Avenue Toronto

There is space for two cars on the driveway. 

As the realtor mentions in the listing it's been with the same owners for years and "needs some updating", which might be the understatement of 2022. 

There are no interior shots so it's impossible to comment on the state of the inside of the house, but you can probably safely assume it's not great. 

51 Claremore Avenue Toronto

The home is clad in aluminum siding and there is a crawl space as a basement. 

The home also doesn't have a garage or basement. So even though it's a detached house, it really is no bigger than a condo.

There's also no air conditioning installed and the hot water tank is a rental.  

However, the listing does say the home is clean and tidy so at least you're probably not walking in on a hoarders house. 

As for the exterior, well... it's uh... also not great. 

The home looks kind of wonky and just generally looks like it's in a state of disrepair. 

The paint is peeling on the window trim and the driveway looks like a hodge-podge of asphalt. 

51 Claremore Avenue Toronto

The backyard. 

But despite the obvious non-starter the home is, it is sitting on a decent size plot of land. 

The land is 30 by 120 feet which gives you plenty of space to build or expand and the backyard is definitely spacious. 

51 Claremore Avenue Toronto

The home comes with a fridge, stove, and a washer, dryer. 

And the neighbourhood it's in is slowly starting to develop, so this could be a good opportunity to get in early before Birchcliffe-Cliffside explodes.

But if we're all honest purchasing this home is really just paying $650K (or likely more) for some grass in Scarborough. 

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