1220 davenport road toronto

You can buy this old-school convenience store in Toronto for only $20K

Isn't there something just so alluring about the idea of running a corner store? A real mom & pop shop in the centre of a community where everybody knows your name and asks for your sage advice with their life problems?

Or have I just seen too many heartwarming episodes of Kim's Convenience?

Romanticization of what actually seems like a very hard job aside, now would be a good time to buy a variety store in Toronto, should that be your dream and should you have the means to invest in one.

1220 davenport road toronto

There are dozens of convenience stores up for sale in and around Toronto currently, ranging in price from the low-mid five figures all the way up to $1.6 million.

You've got the Super Smoke on Yonge near Bloor for $59,900, or Keele Convenience & Variety for just $45,000, or an INS across from a major hospital for $125,000.

The least-expensive option, however, can be found on Davenport Road just east of Dovercourt.

1220 davenport road torontoSuedoo, a small grocery and convenience store at 1220 Davenport Rd., is currently up for sale at a shockingly low price of $20,000.

1220 davenport road toronto"Former well established grocery convenience store, for sale!" reads a commercial listing for the property.

"Great space approx. 888.14 Sq. Ft. right at the bustling corner of Oakwood Ave. And Davenport Rd. High traffic area with tons of visibility. T.T.C. at door step and close to amenities."

1220 davenport road torontoWhile $20K for an entire store may seem low, it's important to note that the shop isn't necessarily in great shape.

1220 davenport road torontoThe basement could certainly use some work...

1220 davenport road torontoAs could the shelving, doors, walls, windows and floors.

1220 davenport road torontoStill, it's a big and rather charming space in a well-established location for that kind of price. I mean, you could buy your own corner store for less than half the price of an average Toronto wedding.

Just saying.

1220 davenport road torontoWhile Suedoo itself has been registered as a business since at least 2009, it has existed in some form as a corner shop for decades.

Previous to its current iteration, the store was called "Sandra's Grocery."

1220 davenport road torontoMost important to note, for those interested, is that the $20,000 price tag is for the business itself — not the property it lives on. So, on top of your initial investment, you'd still be on the hook for about $3,500 per month in rent plus about $1,200 monthly in utilities.

Not bad if you're raking in all of that lotto / cigarette / energy drink cash, I would imagine, but what do I know about owning a convenience store? Aside from the fact that they should all carry healthy snacks.

Please, if you buy this store, stock KIND bars and kombucha! The millennials will come!

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Julie Seo/realtor.ca

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