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Toronto homes are so expensive one realtor subtly suggests playing Squid Game

A realtor from Toronto is using a Squid Game inspired billboard to advertise himself around the city. 

Amir Shirazi is gaining attention for his billboard which includes the circle, triangle, and square logos seen throughout episodes of the hit Netflix show. 

Shirazi says he was inspired after watching the scene where a man in a suit gives Gi-hun a calling card with the three symbols before he goes to the games, symbolizing a way out of his debt. 

Shirazi wants to send a similar message with his billboard, saying that if you can't afford a home because you're in debt, he can still help you find one. 

The realtor makes a point to say he isn't inviting people to play in the game, with his billboard. 

"If you have a sign that just says 'buy a home with me', it's not enough, you have to get people talking about you and the work you do," said Shirazi. 

This isn't the first time Shirazi has gained popularity for one of his signs either. In November 2020, he went viral for a billboard using Toronto slang, where he referred to himself as "Your Shorty's Realtor". 

With the amount of success and clients that came from that sign, Shirazi decided to give it a second go with the Squid Game one.

The sign can be found at a parking lot across from Finch station, near Yonge Street and Bishop Avenue

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Amir Shirazi 

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