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Someone made a parody video of a hit Netflix show to try to sell a home in Toronto

A Toronto realtor made his own parody video of the Netflix show "You" for a listing he's selling in Corktown

Sam Ghamsari says when he first got the listing for 90 Sumach street, he learned that it was a former CBC warehouse.  

"The first outdoor series was shot in the parking lot," Ghamsari said. 

With that in mind, Ghamsari knew he had to get creative with how he was going to package this loft unit to sell.  

The realtor tells blogTO that he's a big fan of the hit Netflix show "You" and decided to combine his love for the show to display the listing in a way that would draw attention. 

"With the pop culture [reference] and cinematic background of the building itself, I thought it was a good twist," said Ghamsari. 

In the video, the realtor acts like the main character Joe Goldberg, using similar theme music, along with referencing the loft as if he's stalking it. 

Ghamsari says he's never shown his creativity when it comes to showing off listings, but with the positive feedback he's received from clients, he intends to make other versions. 

"I thought it was a good way to maintain interest in the listing, rather than just photos. It's funny but still informative about all the features that need to be highlighted," said Ghamsari. 

The video, which was posted to the realtor's Instagram page, now has over 10,000 views. 

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Sam Ghamsari

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