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37 Marchington Circle Toronto

Entire church and school is on sale in Toronto for $7 million

West Ellesmere United Church was completed in 1958, designed by architectural firm Craig and Zeidler who are also behind many other famous Ontario and Canadian buildings like the Eaton Centre and Ontario Place

37 Marchington Circle Toronto

The architectural roof. 

37 Marchington Circle is a unique mid-century expressionist building that features "parabolic glulam arches with a north-facing clerestory at the intersection of the two roof planes", according to Architectural Conservatory Ontario (ACO).

37 Marchington Circle Toronto

A view of the buildings from the parking lot. 

ACO also notes that the facade is finished with "natural stones quarried from Napanee".

37 Marchington Circle Toronto

The property has two street frontages. 

The building was later expanded on in 1961 to include the Christian Education Centre. 

37 Marchington Circle Toronto

A classroom. 

Currently the building is home to the church and was also recently where Ellesmere Montessori School was located before it closed.

37 Marchington Circle Toronto

Another classroom. 

It's recently been listed for $7,000,000 so this historic building will likely soon become something entirely different. 

37 Marchington Circle Toronto

A recreation room. 

The property sits on almost an acre of land and includes more than 25,000 square-feet of living space.

37 Marchington Circle Toronto

The chapel.

This includes a large gymnasium, the school, a daycare area, meeting rooms, offices and of course the place of worship. 

37 Marchington Circle Toronto

A classroom. 

It's currently being sold as a residential development opportunity that have been outlined in a report commissioned by the listing broker.

37 Marchington Circle Toronto

The gymnasium. 

Some of the options that are mentioned in the listing are 12 detached homes, or 14 townhomes and two semi-detached homes.

37 Marchington Circle Toronto

The parking lot. 

But as much as Toronto needs more housing it seems kind of a shame to see an architectural gem like this be turned into cookie cutter homes. 

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