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Unpaved driveway and shed in Toronto is on sale for $3 million

Behind a run down TORCH Ministries of Canada church, a Marta's Pet and Aquaria, and a China China take out restaurant is this unusual vacant plot of land in Weston. 

"It's a private drive widens up into a big, big field" realtor Grenville Dungey told blogTO.  "It's one of those properties that you just have to go and see." 

The land, which is listed for $3,000,000, is a little over 24,ooo-square-feet but very irregular as the listing notes.

And that $3 million price tag is just for the land – the property doesn't  have building permits or utilities, just a storage shed near the back of the drive, which from the picture doesn't look like it's worth keeping. 

 That being said, Dungey assures that the property has a lot of potential. 

He told blogTO that the current owner has spoken to the City of Toronto and they're keen on a couple of options. 

"You could put an eight-storey building on it, or a pile of townhouses or stacked townhouses. The City is also open to a retirement home," he said. 

However, he also remarked that depending what you want to do with the land the driveway will probably need to be widened, which likely means a discussion with the neighbours. 

But the good news is that the current owner has already started that conversation.

According to Dungey, they were speaking with the neighbours on Fern Avenue to buy up their properties and Dungey said that at least one of the neighbours was willing to sell. 

If that's still the case this plot of dirt could be very lucrative, especially given the location and amenities nearby.

So while it doesn't look like much right now in the right hands it could be worth a whole lot more.  

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