15 Haverson Boulevard Toronto

This is one of the cheapest detached homes in Toronto right now

Sitting pretty at 15 Haverson Boulevard is this two-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow listed for $629,999, making it one of the cheapest homes on the market today. 

The home isn't the prettiest as it's definitely a "fixer-upper", as realtor Kevin Gill notes in the listing, but there are some key selling features of the property. 

15 Haverson Boulevard Toronto

The living room. 

Namely the location, which is close to the new Eglinton LRT as well as parks and all the amenities you could need. 

15 Haverson Boulevard Toronto

The 2020 remodeled cabinets in the kitchen. 

In addition to the neighbourhood, the home has undergone some relatively recent updates including new paint and kitchen cabinets last year and a new furnace in 2017.

15 Haverson Boulevard Toronto

The kitchen is big enough to eat in. 

For first time buyers, this is great because you don't need to immediately replace the furnace to get insurance on the house. 

15 Haverson Boulevard Toronto

The laundry room on the main floor. 

That being said, you'll probably need to replace a lot of other things. 

15 Haverson Boulevard Toronto

The basement bathroom. 

The home is very dated, especially the bathrooms.

15 Haverson Boulevard Toronto

The basement has a walk-in entrance. 

And the basement looks like there's mould or water damage.

15 Haverson Boulevard Toronto

The rec room in the basement. 

There are also cracks in the wall in the basement, which could suggest potential foundation issues. 

15 Haverson Boulevard Toronto

The primary bedroom. 

The rooms – principal and bedrooms – are on the small side.

15 Haverson Boulevard Toronto

A view of the back of the house. 

But the lot size is decent – 20 by 118 feet – so you could add on an addition or build upwards like the next door neighbour to give you a bit more living space.  

15 Haverson Boulevard Toronto

The backyard can support a substantial garden. 

The backyard has lots of potential and the house surprisingly has an attached garage. 

But even though this home is technically one of the cheapest and needs a whole bunch of work it's still going to go for way more than it's listed because it's Toronto

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