24 Newman Avenue Toronto

This tiny house in Toronto drops its price after finding no buyers at $750K

When it comes to location this two-bedroom, one-bathroom house is in a prime spot. 

Just north of the Danforth it's close to transit, shopping, good schools and lots of green space with Taylor Massey Creek being mere blocks away.

24 Newman Avenue Toronto

The living room and kitchen. 

And the price is pretty good too! Listed for $699,000 it's one of the cheapest detached homes on the market right now. 

24 Newman Avenue Toronto

The front entrance is right into the living room. 

The home isn't much to look at considering it's barely bigger than a trailer home with less than 1,000-square feet of living space but there is still living space and you wouldn't have upstairs neighbours. 

24 Newman Avenue Toronto

The primary bedroom. 

The rooms are decently sized.

24 Newman Avenue Toronto

The fridge and stove come with the house. 

Plus the kitchen and bathroom don't look like they need to be immediately renovated like many homes at this price point. 

24 Newman Avenue Toronto

The basement. 

There is also a finished basement with extra room. But the main draw, at least in my opinion, is the fact that the house has a backyard and parking space. 

24 Newman Avenue Toronto

The sunny back deck. 

And the backyard is decently sized considering the lot is 100-feet deep. So if you wanted you could potentially add on to this house or have an epic garden. 

24 Newman Avenue Toronto

The home also has a washer and dryer. 

The realtor notes that this house is a perfect home for a first time buyer or someone looking to retire and with a garden like that I can see why. 

24 Newman Avenue Toronto

The large backyard is perfect for family gatherings. 

There's also a small gardner shed for extra storage. 

24 Newman Avenue Toronto

The second bedroom. 

And good news if you're considering buying this house, it's actually the second time they've tried to sell it this year. 

24 Newman Avenue Toronto

The bathroom. 

In September, 24 Newman Avenue was listed for $749,000.

24 Newman Avenue Toronto

The kitchen has plent of storage but no dishwasher. 

Now it's back on the market $50,000 less so this could give you a bit more bargaining power in this ridiculous market. But even if not you could save yourself some coin and who doesn't like that?

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