123 parkway forest

New tower could replace Toronto townhomes built only five years ago

Only in Toronto could a relatively new development be targeted for redevelopment within just a few years of completion.

The lifespan of a recently-built townhome complex in North York might be shorter than anticipated, with new plans emerging that would see a 29-storey rental apartment building replace a portion of the block at 123 Parkway Forest Drive.

123 parkway forest

Aerial view facing west over the proposed development. Image via IBI Group for Choice Properties.

Built by as part of the broader Parkway Forest community redevelopment, this group of ten three-storey rental townhouses was constructed between 2015 and 2017 alongside a 19-storey apartment building. A whole lot more recent than your typical redevelopment target.

123 parkway forest

Existing townhomes and rental tower at 123 Parkway Forest Drive. The portion in the foreground is targeted for redevelopment. Image via Google Street View.

Just five years later, the complex is already considered too small to justify its continued existence. The proposed replacement tower would result in the southern half of this townhome block being torn down, while the five townhomes and the tower to the north would remain.

A section of adjacent parkette created during the same redevelopment is also on the chopping block.

123 parkway forest

Base of the proposed development. Image via IBI Group for Choice Properties.

The plan calls for 339 rental units, the majority planned as studios and one-bedroom units. Out of the total, just 122 would offer multiple bedrooms. No condos are included in the mix here.

123 parkway forest

Base of the proposed development. Image via IBI Group for Choice Properties.

The plan seeks to capitalize on the nearby Don Mills subway station and policies promoting density near rapid transit stations. Still, there could be challenges ahead.

Just getting the existing complex approved was a drawn-out process involving appeals with the OMB, a predecessor to the Ontario Land Tribunal that mediates development disputes today.

The ask for even more density might seem like a bold request, though it's still too early to tell how City planners may react to the plan.

Lead photo by

IBI Group for Choice Properties

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