Botfield Project

Toronto just got a breathtaking new house with an entire side made of glass

One of the biggest complaints about Toronto as a city is the sheer amount of boring architecture. With massive, soulless condos seemingly going up every week it sometimes can be a challenge to discover the truly beautiful homes in Canada's largest city.

The Botfield Project by Ancerl Studio is working to change that however with the stunning Etobicoke house they recently designed.

Botfield ProjectThe home looks beautiful from the front, but its a vantage point from the backyard that really shows what makes this home special with the entire back-facing side made of glass, giving a look that is both modern and futuristic in nature.

Botfield ProjectNearly every room in the home is lit with natural light through these massive windows leaving the home owners to soak up the sun while they eat, relax or bathe.

Botfield ProjectAccording to Ancerl Studio, the lot previously housed a small bungalow before their team came in to design this 2-storey contemporary single family dwelling.

Botfield Project"Featuring a cathedral ceiling with exposed beams, a peaked wall-to-wall window, and layers of neutral soft textures and furnishings, the intimate escape is a cozy nest overlooking the lush green yard," reads the project's description.

Botfield Project"The white marbled spa-like bathroom includes a windowed alcove for the freestanding tub, and another peaceful perch overlooking the rear yard. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood just outside the city centre, Botfield Residence connects inhabitants with the outdoors, and exudes style and comfort for modern living."

Botfield ProjectWhile Toronto is still sometimes viewed as a land of condos, it's always nice to discover a new hidden gem.

The tricky part is simply knowing where to look.

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Kimberly Czornodolskyj

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