452 Montrose Avenue Toronto

This $3 million Toronto home has three two-storey houses in one

If you're a millennial you know owning a detached house in Toronto is virtually impossible in the current market but this home might be a kind of alternative solution to this problem. 

This home at 452 Montrose Avenue is listed for $2,899,999 and it's actually three separate two-storey homes in one. 

452 Montrose Avenue Toronto

The courtyard at the front of the house where you can park your bike and grow vegetables.

Each unit has two-bedrooms and tw0-bathrooms as well as a private courtyard. 

452 Montrose Avenue TorontoThe building was designed and developed by Fishtnk Design Factory, who are an award winning multidisciplinary design, development and production company focused on architectural products, development and consulting.

452 Montrose Avenue Toronto

The living room in the first house. 

"[The] Montrose project was to re-imagine the site of a single-family home," they wrote on their website.

452 Montrose Avenue Toronto

The second bedroom in one of the units. 

"We took up the challenge to design and develop within the city’s guidelines for a denser, more livable Toronto."

452 Montrose Avenue Toronto

The kitchen in the redeveloped house. 

The original home was built in the 1890s but Fishtnk redeveloped it as well as added a second unit and a laneway unit to make the most of the space.

452 Montrose Avenue TorontoThe front facade is eye-catching with structural wood and moveable partitions. 

452 Montrose Avenue Toronto

The kitchen in the one of the other units.

The interiors are equally gorgeous with clean lines and a minimalist pallet. 

452 Montrose Avenue Toronto

An office space in the laneway unit. 

There's plenty of light and storage integrated into the units. 

452 Montrose Avenue Toronto

The primary bedroom in the original home. 

And while I'd honestly love it if six couples all banded together to purchase this dope house, realistically it will likely go to a landlord who will rent out the units for more than $3,000 a month. 

452 Montrose Avenue Toronto

One of the bathrooms. 

Still it's a cool proof of concept on the part of Fishtnk. 

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