208 Kingston Road Toronto

This is what a $2.5 million home next to a giant cemetery in Toronto looks like

Who says you need to live in a conventional home?  This building is currently being used for commercial purposes but, according to the listing, it can easily be a home or an office or both! 

And with this new shift to working from home this could be the dream place to do it. 

208 Kingston Road Toronto

The side of the building.

Located at 208 Kingston Road in the Upper Beaches, the front of the building is a gorgeous brick store front-like structure that has a historic charm to it. 

208 Kingston Road Toronto

The open concept living, dining and kitchen area at the front. 

And the inside of the front is what hard loft dreams are made of.  

208 Kingston Road Toronto

The kitchen area can be seen at the back. 

It's bright and airy with exposed beams, huge arched windows, exposed brick and concrete walls, a wood burning fireplace and beautiful Mexican-like tile flooring. 

208 Kingston Road Toronto

An aerial shot of 208 Kingston Road. 

The back of the building from an aerial view looks like a giant warehouse but there's plenty of possibility. 

208 Kingston Road Toronto

A home office area within the back of the building. 

"Presently in a shell-space format, this 3,932 square foot commercial opportunity allows for an owner-occupier or investor to have the flexibility to create a wide range of future uses including retail showrooms, professional offices and residential accommodation or a mix thereof," says the realtor Eliott Medoff. 

208 Kingston Road Toronto

There's lots of room to have your own workshop. 

So if you have a home business that you want to expand or you want to add some extra income to help pay down the mortgage the option is there. 

208 Kingston Road Toronto

The bedroom space at the back of the building. 

The only downside to living in the back warehouse bit is there's not a ton of light. Unlike the front of the building the windows are few and far between. 

208 Kingston Road Toronto

The building can be used both as a residential home or as a commerical building. 

That being said you could definitely add some skylights and windows to brighten it all up. 

208 Kingston Road Toronto

St. John's Norway Cemetary and Crematorium is located behind the property. 

Another possible downside is that the building is right next to a giant cemetery so if that freaks you out maybe keep looking.  

208 Kingston Road Toronto

One of the workspaces in the long warehouse like structure at the back. 

But if you're considering it, the place is listed for $2,500,000 and has recently undergone extensive modernization including replacing the major building systems and refurbishing the exterior brick façade. 

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