650 kingston road toronto

A lot of people are getting creeped out by this poster for a new Toronto condo

If renderings of condo developments are meant to entice us into buying something we can't afford, a poster for a mid-rise building in Toronto is failing miserably.

A rendering of a new condo development at the corner of Kingston Road and Main Street is, instead, freaking people out.

The poster, plastered on boards at the development, features an illustration of the future building along with, most likely, computer generated renderings of people strolling happily.

But the people's not-quite-human-seeming smiles might send a shiver down your spine if you look too closely.

The poster caught the attention of Weird Toronto Facebook group member Star Spider who took a close-up of the image and posted it to the group this week.

"Ad for a condo development at Kingston Rd and Main St.," Spider wrote on the post.

The illustrations of pasty, very white women with creepy smiles and odd proportions got noticed by many.

"Casting call: looking for models with extremely short tibia and creepy smiles. Must be able to wear size 6 Adidas sneakers (low budget)," wrote one person.

650 kingston road toronto

Weird Toronto Facebook group member Spider Star took a close-up photo of the poster. Photo courtesy of Spider Star.

The women, most likely created through computer generated imagery, were compared to Stepford Wives, Sims, clones or zombies.

"There is something uncanny valley-ish about this. AI photocreation?" one person said.

Whatever the illustration was trying to market, most people find the poster awkward and just plain creepy.

"These human skin suits are starting to itch," one person wrote.

Many worry the coming building won't be affordable.

"How can those young people afford that?" one person asked.

650 kingston road toronto

The seven-storey building will have residential and retail spaces.

The building, according to documents from the City of Toronto, is to be a mixed-use, seven-storey building covering the addresses of 650 and 652 Kingston Road and 2 Main Street.

An apartment building at 650 and 652 Kingston Road and 2 Main Street with 11 rental units was demolished for the project and in return the owner was to provide 11 replacement units and one new rental unit at market rents for at least 20 years.

According to Urban Toronto, the condo development, called Orca, is currently under construction from developer Demirov Fine Homes and architect RAW Design and will include retail on the ground floor and 75 units.

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