16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch Stouffville

This $10 million mansion north of Toronto has its own river running through it

Many might confuse this property at first glance with a small resort but this is, in fact, a family home. 

But with its combination of vaulted ceilings and heavy timbering all set against the backdrop of spectacular grounds, it's not your average home either.

16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch StouffvilleThe six-bedroom, 11-bathroom home at 16496 Ninth Line sits on a 55-acre lot an hour outside of Toronto in Stouffville, Ontario. 

16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch StouffvilleThe property is next to the Vivian Regional Forest, with walking trails and horse-riding trails aplenty. There's even an entire pond just beside the house, which is a big selling point according to realtor Paul McDonald.

16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch Stouffville"The pond is beautiful in the winter and great for skating and in the summer it has a recirculating pump that creates a waterfall and babbling brook," he says.

16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch StouffvilleAnd while the property is gorgeous, the home is spectacular in its own right. 

16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch StouffvilleThe current owners commissioned architect David Fujiwara, who's also the architect behind the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, to build the home. 

16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch StouffvilleIt features soaring 40-foot ceilings with barn-like beams and giant glass windows in the main living rooms. 

16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch StouffvilleThe home has a rustic feel with all the wood, natural rough-cut limestone, giant fireplaces and sweeping views of the country. 

16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch StouffvilleBut at times, there seems like there's almost too much natural wood. The home has exposed beams, wood-paneled ceilings and walls, and all-wood cabinetry. 

If you're not into it, it might seem like you're in a giant sauna with all that pine. 

16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch StouffvilleBut possibly the most notworthy element of the house, as McDonald tells blogTO, is "the spectacular, award-winning indoor/outdoor Betz pool." 

The pool looks like a river running through the house.

16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch StouffvilleIn the winter you can seal off the doors for a completely indoor pool but in the summer months you can expose the indoor pool to the outside for a truly stunning spa-like effect. 

16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch StouffvilleAnd of course this $9.9 million mansion also has all the other classic amenities that come with a luxury home including, a wine cellar, games room, gourment kitchen, office, library and three-car garage. 

16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch StouffvilleAs the listing says, this home is "country living at its finest for the fortunate few."16496 Ninth Line Whitchurch Stouffville

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