14600 Weston Road, King, Ontario

$20 million house in Ontario looks like a cross between a castle and a log cabin

Touted as Canada's Camp David, Dragonfly Hill Estate is nothing short of magical. 

The estate sits on 215  acres of lush forest and meadows outside Toronto, in King, Ontario.

14600 Weston Road, King, Ontario

View of the property and surrounding forest. 

The estate is so named because in the summertime there's apparently an abundance of dragonflies, according to realtor Barry Cohen

14600 Weston Road, King, Ontario

The main house comes complete with six bedrooms.

Nestled into the property's woods is a 14,000-square-foot log-cabin main house, which includes a stone turret that looks exactly like a medieval castle's.  

14600 Weston Road, King, Ontario

A lounge area inside the turret. 

It's being listed as a "four-season lifestyle home," the sort of language usually used to describe cottages. And if this is going to be your cottage, maybe you've earned that turret.

14600 Weston Road, King, Ontario

One of the bedrooms in the main house. 

The lodge-like main house has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, but that doesn't really encompass the extravagance of this potential holiday home. 

14600 Weston Road, King, Ontario

The main living space is rustic with all the natural wood and is open-concept with a gourmet kitchen and breakfast bar. 

The castle-like cabin boasts a 40-foot-high vaulted ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows and reclaimed wood floors.

14600 Weston Road, King, Ontario

There's plenty to entertain yourself both inside and outside the home. 

It has a games arcade and a bowling alley.

14600 Weston Road, King, Ontario

This home is great for entertaining with plenty of space for guests to explore and relax. 

And of course, like any luxury home, it's got a home gym, elevator, gourmet kitchen, hardwood flooring, intercom, Jacuzzi, spa bath, walk-in closets, built-in fireplace and the list goes on.

14600 Weston Road, King, Ontario

The property sits on 215-acres of land. 

If you get bored inside, the property also has tennis courts, a pool, a car collector-sized garage and butler's residence. 

14600 Weston Road, King, Ontario

Floor-to-ceiling windows let in tons of natural light and look out onto the gorgeous surrounding nature. 

But all that doesn't come cheap. The estate is listed for $19.5 million, and at a price like that it might be a while before this castle finds its king.  

14600 Weston Road, King, Ontario

The primary bedroom has closets for two. 

According to property records, Dragonfly Hill has been on and off the market since 2018.

Photos by

Barry Cohen Homes

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