143 Thornridge Drive Vaughan

This $13 million mansion in Vaughan comes with a walk-in closet the size of a shoe store

This home in Vaughan looks like it came straight from Pinterest with the herringbone floors, brass accents and marble waterfall counters. 

But its most impressive feature is one only the most intimate guests will ever see.

143 Thornridge Drive Vaughan

The gym is bigger than most hotels'.

It also might just be any shoe-a-holic or sneaker head's dream home. 

143 Thornridge Drive Vaughn

The cooking area in the kitchen is surprisingly modest. But you weren't going to cook for yourself, were you?

This palatial home will cost a pretty penny, though. The 143 Thornridge Drive mansion is listed at $12,800,000

143 Thornridge Drive Vaughan

It's got multiple sets of sliding doors for that Inception effect.

The five-bedroom home is a mix of modern design and old-world character with arched doorways, vaulted ceilings, pocket doors and impressive stone and millwork throughout.

143 Thornridge Drive Vaughan

Note the cool hexagrams.

It's definitely not your typical McMansion. 

143 Thornridge Drive Vaughan

This set-up makes it look a little officey, but those windows will throw a lot of light on whatever you choose to do with this area.

The kitchen, living room and dining areas are all open-concept with soaring 12-foot ceilings, top-of-the-line appliances and beautiful oak floors. 

143 Thornridge Drive Vaughan

The bedroom is spacious, but not alienatingly so.

Upstairs are the spacious bedrooms, each with a walk-in closet and en suite bathroom. 

143 Thornridge Drive Vaughan

Looks like the current owners are DC fans.

The home also boasts a wet bar, "Cineplex-like" theatre, billiards room, a gym and spa as well as a six-car heated garage and workshop. 

143 Thornridge Drive Vaughan

Look at that bathtub arch!

And while all of that is certainly nice, it might be surprising to note that maybe the most impressive part of the house is something most of us don't even consider.

143 Thornridge Drive Vaughn

A nook to collect your thoughts.

That's right, the primary bedroom closet is what dreams are made of. I mean just look at it!

143 Thornridge Drive Vaughan

Whoever the new Carrie Bradshaw is would probably like this.

It's the size of a boutique store and there's so much room for shoes and clothes and accessories with the god-lighting in the shelves to illuminate your beautiful things. There's even two skylights in this closet! 

143 Thornridge Drive Vaughan

This is presumably where someone sits and waits while their partner makes their shoe choices.

Forget the rest of the house, how much is it to just live in the closet? 

143 Thornridge Drive Vaughn

The kitchen looks a little less claustrophobic from this angle.

Though, to be fair, the whole house does seem like a pretty tasteful way to spend your surplus cash.

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Barry Cohen Homes

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