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There's a house in Toronto that no one has ever been allowed to live in

A home in a west-end Toronto neighbourhood has puzzled nearby residents for years.

The home looks brand new and not quite finished and as far as neighbours can recall no one has ever lived there, according to a post in the Bloor West High Park Junction Community Group.

Tucked away on a side street in Bloor West Village near Runnymede Road, the home has been a bit of a mystery.

"Anybody know the story behind this unfinished house? It's been sitting like this for years," reads a post in the group.

Many people recognized the home on Kennedy Park Road and suggested the owners were out of the country or they ran out of money to complete the home.

Others suggested it had something to do with having been built directly over the Bloor subway line.

In fact, the property owners did not get a permit to build, Will Johnston, chief building official and executive director for Toronto Building tells blogTO.

"An order was issued against this property in 2016 for being constructed without a permit," Johnston says.

The owner of the property has since applied for and was granted a building permit, he says. The city has conducted some inspections of the property.

Final reports need to be submitted and additional inspections are still required to be conducted and passed before the owner is allowed to move in, Johnston adds.

The owner just needs to book the final inspections and provide the required engineering reports.

So it looks like the wait for new neighbours could soon be over, and the home, sitting vacant since it was built, will finally have a family. Or at least a for sale sign.

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