314 ryding ave toronto

House in Toronto with no bedrooms has just sold for more for than $1 million

A bungalow in the Junction has sold for just over $1 million, despite the fact it has zero bedrooms. 

The detached home at 314 Ryding Ave. was up on the market for just three days before being sold for $1,004,000 this weekend.

314 ryding ave toronto

The bungalow at 314 Ryding Ave.sold over the weekend for over $1 million.

Recently renovated, the bungalow boasts "open-concept living," in other words, no separating walls to speak of, other than the washrooms.

314 ryding ave toronto

The home is "open-concept living," with no walls dividing up separate rooms. 

Given that information, it's safe to say that the new residents (if there's more than one) should brace themselves for limited privacy in what is essentially a 632-square-foot box. 

314 ryding ave toronto

The bedroom encompasses a small enclave in the basement. 

That being said, there is a basement where the bed is, so at least there are separate levels within the living space. The enclave downstairs acts as a bedroom, sans walls, with storage. 

314 ryding ave toronto

There's a backyard and double-car garage on the property.

There are also two walkouts to a private backyard, which includes a deck and some green space. 

The house is made up of hardwood floors, exposed beams and a kitchen with quartz counters.314 ryding ave toronto

The house was renovated recently with hardwood floors and an updated kitchen. 

There's also a double-car garage with a workshop included. 

314 ryding ave toronto

The property includes two bathrooms. 

According to the listing, the home was put on the market for $799,000.

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