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This private island with a cottage for sale in Ontario costs less than most Toronto homes

A private island is for sale within Echo Bay, Ontario and Toronto residents may be shocked to learn that it costs significantly less than most homes within their city.

The 5.4 acre property is currently listed at $449,000 USD or roughly $567,700 Canadian. That's nearly half what Toronto residents can expect to pay for the average home within their city.

While Duval Island seems like a potential paradise, Toronto-area home buyers may be scared off by the watery commute. But for those looking to leave the city and live a new life in nature, there's plenty to love.

echo bay ontarioThe main cottage is move-in ready with 4 bedrooms, and only one bathroom providing plenty of inspiration to let nature call within actual nature.

echo bay ontarioA large wraparound deck with a gorgeous view of the lake gives an ideal location for cracking open a cold one, lounging under the stars, and pondering the meaning of life.

echo bay ontarioIf being surrounded by water wasn't enough for you, the kitchen has been painted coral blue for that sexy cooking under the sea vibe. The freezer located next to the oven even provides some needed hot and cold contrast to remind us of the duality of life.

echo bay ontarioThe first three bedrooms continue the coral-themed colour scheme.

echo bay ontarioThey each also feature plenty of nautical-inspired artwork.

echo bay ontarioIt helps serve as an endless reminder from the moment you wake up that you bought an actual island on a real lake.

echo bay ontarioThen there's the fourth bedroom with an autumn theme. Perfect for those scared of water or the black sheep of the family who misses the city.

echo bay ontarioIf you've been looking for a place to conduct way-too-intense interviews, this hardwood-loving room seems like the perfect place. Those with a keen eye will even notice a book on the shelf titled "The Big Book of Wordoku Puzzles!" Not quite sudoku, and not quite a crossword, you'll have to buy the island to find out exactly what it is.

echo bay ontarioIn the living room you can enjoy a fireplace, several seats that can only be described as "thicc" and a wooden staircase built for angrily stomping away on.

echo bay ontarioEven more nautical artwork awaits in the three-piece bathroom!

echo bay ontarioThen there's this shed which we must assume is used for storing the many boats featured on artwork throughout the cottage and definitely not used for nefarious purposes.

For those who love to one-up their friends, next time they brag to you about their cottage up north consider being ready to tell them all about your brand new island.

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