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This $700k cottage in Ontario has Coca-Cola and Dr. Seuss themed rooms

If you're looking for a change of scenery, there's at least one cottage on the market that will ensure you're always seeing something different.

A recently listed cottage in Mapleton, Ontario may be one of the most unique buildings in the country. Nearly every room, entranceway and corner of the house is themed in increasingly outlandish ways.

And keep in mind as you scroll through these absolutely ridiculous pictures: All furnishings are included.

cottage ontarioThe 60's style Coca-Cola malt shop kitchen will make you want to split an ice cream float before going down to skip rocks across Conestogo Lake.

cottage ontarioIf you've had one too many sweet soda-pops with your boo, then you'll be able to relieve yourself in a Dr. Seuss-themed washroom that thankfully doesn't have any characters from a certain six of his books.

cottage ontarioThe master bedroom comes with a medieval fantasy theme, ready with plenty of swords for either some fun bedroom play or defending yourself against home invaders.

cottage ontarioThen there's this bedroom that asks more questions than it answers with a matador painting, a daybed that appears to be upholstered with the skins of several animals worthy of a Seuss book, and an M.C. Escher-style window that has a crooked curtain rod hanging through the middle of it.

cottage ontarioAnother room holds a strong jungle theme, with all the typical jungle favourites including giraffes, director's chairs and a sphinx on the door.

cottage ontarioThen there's the basement, with a theme that can only be described as "Aunt Sheila and Uncle Dave had a garage sale to pay for their divorce."

cottage ontario

On the outside, the place actually seems like a relatively normal cottage serving as an endless reminder that looks can be deceiving.

The place also comes with a tiki bar and hot tub, perfect for getting nice and drunk before navigating the wild labyrinth that is this cottage.

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