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Toronto design firm creates idyllic backyard pods you can work in from $25k

A live/work pod refuge you can escape to in your Toronto backyard starts to sound more and more like a good idea as the pandemic drags on. Fortunately, local firm Syllable has partnered with a laneway house specialist to bring that idea to life.

"Observing the pain points homeowners would have when they work from home: working professionals with kids, needing an extra room for hobbies, or just a place of refuge from home, we thought a backyard pod would be the perfect response to address challenges from the lockdown and beyond," Danny Tseng of Syllable told blogTO.

"We've done considerable research into live/work type spaces and understand that a backyard pod would create a physical separation from the home, which should be kept as a sanctuary.

"The act of physically walking from the home to the backyard pod can mentally and physically help create that balance between live and work."

The pods should be launching in mid-March and are available in three different models with add-ons at three different price points: $25,000, $35,000 and $45,000.

"We have imagined a small backyard refuge/retreat that can be used as an office or studio," reads the caption of a Nov. 2020 Instagram post from Syllable introducing the idea.

"Offering a minimal surface under 10 square meters, this retreat can be constructed without a building permit and offers homeowners the ability to add additional space disconnected from their main dwelling. A two-way fireplace creates a sense of warmth and connection to the exterior deck."

"The upper-end model would have more bells and whistles such as integrated lighting and add-ons like the two-way fire-place and more premium design detailing," says Tseng.

"Having had many homeowners inquire about laneway suites, we presented this option as a quick and affordable alternative and the response has been overwhelmingly positive."

You can make a deposit online which would be followed by a site consultation, or you can even contact Syllable directly for bespoke customization. A website should be set up first week of March for pre-orders, so start saving now (for the sake of your WFH sanity).

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Syllable Design

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