57 harriet st toronto

This tiny attached bungalow in Toronto is on sale for $799K

There's a little one-floor home for sale in Riverdale, and it's well under average home prices for sought-after detached homes in Toronto.

A bungalow at 57 Harriet St. is now up for sale through Sage Real Estate Ltd. for $799,000.

57 harriet st toronto

57 Harriet St. in Riverdale is currently up for sale for $799,000. 

It's not detached, however: this home shares a wall with the property next door. Not quite a townhouse, not quite a row house, it's essentially one bungalow split between two units.

57 harriet st toronto

The home is attached to a next door property with a wall, but promises "no neighbour noise."

First time home buyers are being told to "run like a hurricane" to purchase this "delightful bundle of bricks." 

Located at the end of a cul-de-sac, 57 Harriet is only 1,165 square feet, with one bedroom located in the basement. 

57 harriet st toronto

The home spans 1,165 square feet and has one bedroom in the basement.

But what it lacks for in sleeping area, it tries to make up for with a fireplace, a kitchen with lots of counter space, a main floor powder room, and a backyard deck.

57 harriet st toronto

The home's washroom, laundry unit, and bedroom or located in the lower level. 

According the listing, the living room is large enough to host a dance party for "a team of TikTok-Ers," which I guess is the new metric system of measurement of 2021.

57 harriet st toronto

57 Harriet St. has a deck and a private backyard.

But don't turn up the music too loud: Sage Real Estate says that Harriet Street is "super quiet". 

There's also parking large enough for two vehicles. 

57 harriet st toronto

The property also has a parking lot large enough to fit two vehicles.

The home has been around for longer than 100 years, but in 2018 saw the installation of new insulation and aluminum siding. 

In 2020 it also got a new egress window in the basement, for emergency exiting, kitchen counters and backsplash, and a fresh coat of paint. 

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