58 Beaty Ave Toronto

This creepy $1 million Toronto house has a bathroom straight out of The Shining

How much of a discount would it take for you to buy a house that reminds you of an iconic horror flick?

58 Beaty Ave TorontoBecause ladies and gentlemen, the size, location and build of this newly-listed home for sale at 58 Beaty Ave. in Toronto makes its asking price — $999,999 — seem like a real steal.

And it'll steal your soul in return, if Stephen King has taught me anything.

58 Beaty Ave Toronto

All jokes about fictional historic murders and ghosts aside, the semi-detached Victorian in question is beautiful. 

58 Beaty Ave TorontoThe interior of the 2.5 storey house in South Parkdale is neat too, in its own way, like a time capsule coated with dust.

58 Beaty Ave TorontoAs you may already have surmised, the property is being sold in "as is" condition.

58 Beaty Ave TorontoThe house, just minutes away from trendy Roncesvalles Village, boasts five bedrooms.

58 Beaty Ave TorontoAt least three of those bedrooms have standalone sinks in them, for some reason. 

58 Beaty Ave TorontoThe bathrooms aren't much prettier, with one giving off distinct Overlook Hotel Room 237 vibes. The other one is just ugly.

58 Beaty Ave TorontoWhoever buys the house would likely need to put some work into it... though the existing wallpaper does have its unique charms.

58 Beaty Ave TorontoIts bones seem strong, regardless, like most houses of this type in this one-time wealthy part of Toronto.

58 Beaty Ave TorontoThe basement is unfinished, but somehow still isn't the creepiest part of this old-timey Parkdale manse.

58 Beaty Ave TorontoWhatever your views on spooky estates, $999,999 does seem like a great price for a property of this size... there are tiny half-houses going in Roncey currently for well over seven figures.

58 Beaty Ave TorontoThe lot is also larger than what you'll find in many parts of the city — big enough for a full backyard with its own greenhouse.
58 Beaty Ave TorontoGreenhouses are great for growing tomatoes... and hiding secrets.

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Frank Merigliano / REMAX PREMIER INC., Brokerage

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